Elixir 02 - Respiratory health

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Elixir 02 - Respiratory health


Herbal Supplement - Furnace Creek Farm Oley, PA

Elecampane and White Pine

When temperatures drop the potency Elecampane root and White Pine soar. For this powerful elixir ingredients are picked at their peak, which happens to be when we need them most, during the colder months.  

A powerful expectorant, elecampane  loosens persistent chest congestion, and is very effective in treating bronchitis and asthma

White Pine contains tons of vitamin C, A and also is know for it ability to soothe and clean congestion.

Suggested use: Take 1 tbsp in hot water twice daily.

Ingredients: Local Raw Honey, Local White Wine Vinegar, Elecampane (Inula Helenium), Pine (Pinus Strobus)

  • 6 FL OZ
  • Glass bottle with plastic cap



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