Alpaca Work Gloves


Alpaca Work Gloves


When the thermostat dips, these super soft, fingerless alpaca gloves come to the rescue of cold hands. Made of alpaca fiber--which has great heat retention qualities--these gloves are ideal for the chilly season ahead. Nylon adds durability to make these gloves ideal for outdoor work. Great for riding your bike in the cold, doing outdoor chores, and running errands around town. 

Product Info:

Local Product: 100% Alpaca Fiber from alpaca raised in NJ.

Naturally hypoallergenic

Thanks to the properties of alpaca wool, these gloves are stronger and warmer than wool. 

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Please note: S/M gloves are available in brown and tan. M/L gloves are available in dark grey. If you accidentally select a wrong, color/size pairing we will be in touch with you via email to correct the issue.